Jon Holden - Woodturner
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There are many things and events in life which have the capacity to fill you with pride and yes I know pride is a conceited emotion. But the feeling I get when I finally remove a beautiful piece of wood from the lathe which, a couple of hours before was just the stump of a tree is one of the best feelings you can get. I have never been particularly artistic, have a look at my photography site for confirmation of this fact. But, unlike photography where I have to work hard to get a result that I will be pleased with, when I work on the lathe I just let things happen. The wood dictates the outcome, it's almost like it is telling me what it wants to be made into. Sometimes it talks a different language to me in which case it either ends up in the scrap bin or I will return to it at a later time and see if I can understand what is needed to make it work.
I have found the wood turning community to be very friendly and helpful, early on people went out of their way to set me straight on good technique, show me easy ways to achieve a good finish and generally encourage me along the easy path. In fact one person in particular travelled over from Essex just to help me get started and I owe him a debt of gratitude for his time, efforts and the odd bits of wood he has passed in my direction (Danny, the wood is safe and I will make that chess set one day.)
I am still learning and expect to continue to learn until the day I can no longer hold a chisel. As so many very experienced and less experienced wood turners have contributed to my growing knowledge I shall also try to pass on my experiences in these pages. I shall post photos of my work on the photo album pages of this site (mostly just snaps, sometimes a bit more artistic) and will be giving details of my progress in the craft of wood turning. I will also be featuring other information on shows and demonstrations which include wood turning, these can be found in the news section. I am also going to review the tools and equipment I use in the hope that for anyone just starting out I may help them avoid some of the pitfalls which I have fallen into, all of which you can find in my reviews pages. Please spend some time looking around this site, particularly at the work I have produced, which as my experience progresses I hope will show improvements in my technique and design. In time I will be adding more information, so please bookmark this site and keep looking back to see what is new.